User Manual

Rev.041014-JA 5
Black backing for AcousticPro models
This procedure only applies to AcousticPro models. Disregard this section if your Fixed Frame does not include an acoustically
transparent screen material. The purpose of the black backing material is to block out any light penetration that may reflect off
of anything mounted behind the screen, which can cause distortion to the projected image.
(5) Put the next set of fix plates in the
middle between fix plate ①# and the
corner. (Fig.9)
(6) Then put the next set of fix plates
between and and the corner.
(7) Lastly, put the next set of fix
plates (4) as shown in Fig.11
(8) Repeat steps 5-7 to for the rest of
the sides to complete attaching the
screen material (Fig.12)
Interval markings reveal the best points for inserting the fix plates
(Fig. 13). The prongs on the fix plates insert to the lip on the back
of the frame creating a friction hold that will firmly keep the
material and black backing in place (Fig. 14-15). After the
material has been installed, the backing will lie over the back of
the white (Acoustic) material and then be held in place by the
Velcro on the fix plates (Fig 16).
(Fig. 13)
(Fig. 15)
(Fig. 14)
(Fig. 16)
The black backing is held in place by the Velcro that is on the fix plates.
Black backing
Fix plates secure the Acoustic material and the black backing behind it.