User Manual

Rev.041014-JA 6
Center Support Bard
1. Insert the support joiner into each end of the center support bar to complete assembly.
support joiner
Center support bar
2. Insert the Center Support Bar into the upper top groove on the back of the frame (not the one where the fix
plate inserts) with the bottom end near the approximate center point of the frame and rotate it in at an angle so that
both ends of the bar are in alignment with the groove (see Fig. 17 and Fig. 18 below for details).
3. Slide the top end of the bar into the top center point of the frame to complete the center support bar installation.
This will provide added stability to your frame and added tension to the material.
Diagonal models 135” and below use 1x Center Support Bar
Diagonal models above 135” require 2 x Center Support Bars