User Manual

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The black knob located on the remote reservoir is the compression adjustment. This adjustment
controls the hydraulic resistance to high-speed impacts. A harder compression damping will offer
more resistance to impacts but will provide a stiffer rider. A softer compression damping will provide
a smoother ride but less resistance on impacts.
If the compression adjustment is correct, the wheels can achieve maximum travel. When the
compression damping is too hard, the ride will be stiff and will not be able to absorb average to major
impacts. It is preferable to start with a softer damping and add compression until the bike barely
bottoms out on major impacts. This will prevent the rider from getting tired and will increase comfort
and performance.
- To INCREASE the compression damping (making the
suspension HARDER), you need to turn the knob
clockwise. There is a sticker on the knob indicating
S and H (soft, hard). Turn towards the H.
- To REDUCE the compression damping (making the
suspension SOFTER), you need to turn the knob
counterclockwise. There is a sticker on the knob
indicating S and H (soft, hard). Turn towards the S.
You should start in the middle of the adjustment.
There are about 30 clicks of adjustment. To adjust
properly, turn the knob 2-3 clicks at a time and take a
test ride. The adjustment is more sensitive towards
the H than the S.
IMPORTANT NOTE: It is not possible to check the
compression adjustment by only compressing the
suspension on the vehicle manually. You must take
a test ride to assess the setting. The feeling might
be right when bouncing on the seat but it could be
very different on the track. Never compensate for
a lack of spring strenght by boosting the
compression or leaving the knob all the way
towards the H setting. If your suspension is too soft
with the adjustment above 25 clicks in, you should
replace your springs with a higher rate. If the knob
appears to be blocked, do not force it. If
necessary, contact our customer service for
advice or repairs.