4K VA – 20K VA UPS
User’s and Installation Manual
EMC Statements
NOTICE: Pursuant to CISPR 22 rules, this product has been tested and thereby complies
with the conditions of a Class A digital device, which have been established for offering
sufficient protection against dangerous interference for installation in a residential area.
Installation and use of the equipment should comply with the instructions provided in order
to avoid such interference due to the amount of radio frequency energy that is radiated and
generated by the equipment. In spite of this, we cannot assure that a certain amount of
interference may not occur in some installations. If, by turning on and off, it can be deduced
that your radio or television reception is found to be influenced by harmful interference from
the equipment, it is recommended to use one of the following preventive measures:
z Place the receiving antenna in a separate location or orientation.
z Ensure a greater distance is achieved between the receiver and the equipment.
z Ensure that your equipment is connected to an outlet on a separate circuit than the
z Contact a technician experienced with radio and TV or a dealer for further assistance.
Declaration of Conformity Request
Units labeled with a CE mark comply with the following standards and directives:
z Harmonic Standards: EN 50091-1-1 and EN 50091-2
z EU Directives:73/23/EEC, Council Directive on equipment designed for use within
certain voltage limits
93/68/EEC, Amending Directive 73/23/EEC
89/336/EEC, Council Directive relating to electromagnetic compatibility
92/31/EEC, Amending Directive 89/336/EEC relating to EMC
The EC Declaration of Conformity is available upon request for products with a CE

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