Installation Guide

Modular Carpet Connectors Installation Instructions
for Nexus
TileTabs connectors are a
glue-free installation system
designed for installation of
modular carpet tiles.
This system eliminates the need
for full spread adhesive which
requires dry time. TileTabs have
low odor which makes them
ideal for use in schools, health
care facilities, public buildings
and anywhere odor is a concern
and rapid, mess-free installation
is important.
Make sure you inspect carpet modules prior to
installation. No claims will be honored if
modules are installed with visible defects. Read
all instructions prior to beginning installation.
Backing Specific TileTabs
TileTabs for Nexus Modular backing
feature a blue printed back.
Site and Modular Material
The building must be
enclosed and the HVAC in continuous
Modules must be conditioned to room
temperature for 48 hours prior to
installation. The ambient air relative
humidity must be below 65% with the
floor and room temperature between 65°
F 95°F. These conditions must be
maintained for a minimum of 48 hours
prior to the installation, during, and at
least 48 hours after completion of the
Surface Preparation
Dust, dirt, and debris, and non-
compatible adhesive must be removed
before the installation begins. Pre-
existing, dissimilar adhesives must be
either mechanically removed, hand
scraped to bare residue or encapsulated
using cement-based patching
compound. The substrate must be
smooth and level with all cracks and
holes filled using a Portland cement
based patch reinforced with polymers.
When adhesive residue of any type is
present, encapsulate with
Premium Sealer.
Note: Failure to remove or encapsulate pre-
existing adhesives may cause installation
failure, shifting, buckling, doming or edge
curling; these conditions will not be covered
under warranty when surface preparation
instructions are not followed.
TileTabs are recommended for use on
the following:
Concrete on grade, below or above
grade in the absence of excessive alkali
or moisture, hardwood, APA floor
grade plywood, tile, terrazzo, and well-
bonded existing hard surface floor
Floors must be clean, dry and free of
concrete sealers, existing adhesive,
curing compounds, wax, oil, paint or
any foreign matter that will interfere
a good bond. The installation site must
be acclimated with HVAC in
operation. The floor and room
temperature, as well as flooring
materials and adhesive, must be
maintained at 65°- 95°F, and the
humidity below 65% for 48 hours
prior to, during, and after the testing
and installation. Do not use on
substrates that have been chemically
Concrete Moisture Testing
and pH Testing
Concrete subfloors must be tested for
moisture per ASTM F 2170. Onsite
relative humidity readings (ASTM F 2170)
must not exceed 90%, and pH must be
between 7.0 and 9.0. For test results that
determine RH readings above 90% - 99%
or pH readings of 9.0 11.0,
Commercialon Premium Sealer is
required. An intact moisture vapor barrier
is required for on-grade or below-grade
subfloors. RH probe type testing and pH
testing is required prior to the installation
start. These test results are to be recorded
and saved. The results from testing must
not exceed the manufacturer’s published
limits. Since both moisture and pH can
increase over time, the manufacturer is not
responsible for product failure as a result of
changes to subfloor conditions, including
increases in moisture or pH levels post
New Concrete:
New concrete must be
fully cured, free of moisture, sound, clean
and meet industry standards as defined in
ACI Committee 302.1.04R Report (see
ASTM F 710). New concrete requires a
curing period of approximately 90 days.
Old Concrete:
Old concrete must be
checked for moisture. Dry, dusty, porous
floors must be primed or encapsulated
with Commercialon Premium Sealer.
Note: Primers will not correct a moisture
Wood floors must be smooth and
level. If the floor is uneven, an approved
underlayment will be required. Old
finishes must be tested for compatibility
with adhesives or removed and porous
wood primed.

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