Installation Instructions

5-Bottle Magnum Metal Wine Rack Installation Instructions
Diagram A: Mounting Dimensions Diagram B: Installation
1. Choose where the wine racks will be installed
Please allow 3 1/4” between the Left and Right rack
supports. If multiple rack sets are being used side by side,
allow at least 9” between rack sets. Please check your
bottle height to verify that this will be acceptable for you.
(See Diagram “A” below)
2. Mounting the Racks
Mounting is done by placing 3 screws in each of the three
holes located on each rack support. If possible place racks
over studs in the wall. If this is not possible you wll need to
purchase wall anchors. (See Diagram “B” below)
Note: EP-WIRE1MS wine racks are designed for larger
9” Minimum
needed between
multiple racks
Please check your
bottles to verify
what this dimension
should be.
Installation Instructions
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