BusinessPhone Cordless DT400/DT410/DT420/DT43012
Menu structure
The available Cordless specific telephone and network functions
can be accessed via the menus. Use the OK key to enter the menu
mode and confirm the setting. With the Scroll key you can browse
within each menu. To exit a menu, press C.
Note: Since the Cordless can be used in several networks,
some functions might not be supported in your network.
Menu 1
Menu 2
Hot Key
Menu 3
Menu 4
1 Find
2 Add
3 Edit
4 Delete
2 Edit
1 Ring vol.
2 Melody
3 Ring speed
4 Trembler
1 Phone lock
2 Owner ID
3 Automatic key lock
4 Key beep
5 Quick answer
6 Language
7 System
8 Non-movement*
Hot-key no.
Hot-key no.
1 Phonenumber
2 Function
3 Not used
1 View
Manual absent on
Manual absent off
Switch off
Non-movement alarm on*
Non-movement alarm off*
Change system
1 Lock phone
2 Set lock code
1 Select System
2 Register
3 Info
4 Test**
* Only DT420 and DT430
** Option for test operation only