Outgoing Calls
BusinessPhone Cordless DT400/DT410/DT420/DT43016
Outgoing Calls
Sometimes you make a call but the person is not available. These
functions will help you in your attempts to establish contact with the
called party.
You can also make a call via the phone book, see section Phone
Book on page 69.
Make calls
Internal and external calls.
Enter the telephone number and press
The number may be any of the following:
an extension number,
an external number, where 0 is the digit for external call access.
To insert a pause if you have to wait for dial tone (on hook).
The dialled number is shown in the display. Your Cordless will go off
hook and establish the connection.
Press to end the call
Notes: Correct a wrong entry by pressing the C-key. If you
decide not to make the call while keying in the number,
press C to stop. If you receive a call while keying in the
number, simply press
to answer. You can make your calls
faster by programming Hot keys with frequently used