17BusinessPhone Cordless DT400/DT410/DT420/DT430
Outgoing Calls
Off Hook
If you prefer to dial a number off hook:
Dial tone.
Key your number on-line
Note: When dialling this way, the C-key cannot be used to
erase digits.
Redial number from last dialled list
The last ten dialled numbers are memorized by your Cordless. You
can redial one of these numbers by selecting the number from the
redial list.
Press the Arrow down Scroll key until the desired number
is displayed
You can store numbers permanently by adding them to your phone
book, see section Phone Book on page 69.
Press to redial
The display will show the dialled number.
Note: The list of last dialled numbers will be cleared if the
power of your Cordless is lost.
Delete all numbers
If you want to delete all numbers in the redial list:
Press to scroll to the last position
The display shows:
Press to delete all redial numbers
deletes all