21BusinessPhone Cordless DT400/DT410/DT420/DT430
During Calls
You have a conversation and you want to establish a telephone
Dial tone.
Call the third party
Press to establish a three party conference
Now you have established a three party conference. To mark the
conference, all conference members will hear a periodical
conference tone.
Repeat the procedure to include other persons to the
In this way, you can include up to six parties in a conversation. How
many of them can be external callers depends on the programming
of the system.
End the call to leave the conference
Mute ringer or warning
If the Cordless rings or a warning sounds at an inconvenient
moment, e.g. when the battery runs low, you will be warned by a
battery low sound (4 short beeps).
Press shortly to mute the ringing or warning for the moment
The Ringer off icon turns on to indicate that ringing is suppressed.
Note: When a warning occurs during a call and you want to
mute the microphone, the first press always mutes the
warning sound. The second press mutes the microphone.