Internal Messages
BusinessPhone Cordless DT400/DT410/DT420/DT43032
Internal Messages
You can send a call-back or a voice message when you call an
extension and receive busy tone or get no answer. This section also
describes how to record a personal voice message and how to
forward a voice message.
Password protection
The first time you enter the message system (only possible from
own extension) you might be requested to change your password if
it is default (0000).
Note: Some systems are programmed to allow the default
Follow the voice announcements
You are requested to enter a new password, confirm and save it. If
you use the default password, you are requested to try again.
Press to finish the procedure
Continue with any of the message functions
If you want to change your password again, it is possible from the
message system or via the function Select password on page 62.