Internal Messages
BusinessPhone Cordless DT400/DT410/DT420/DT43034
Check and store received messages
A received message is indicated with a message icon (envelope) in
the display (a special dial tone can also be used to indicate a
waiting message, if programmed). In addition you can see the
number of queued messages in the display.
Received messages are divided into following three categories:
New messages (not heard or read)
Heard/Read messages
Stored messages
Voice messages can also be forwarded to other mailbox numbers
(individual or common), see section Forward a voice message on
page 37.
Note: Messages are deleted from the system after a certain
time. The time depends on which category the message
belongs to. Please ask your system administrator regarding
Call me and voice messages
You can check and store your received messages. Up to 20
messages can be stored.
Voice messages will be heard via the handset. Call me messages
will call the sender automatically (these messages cannot be
Note: Depending on the configuration, you might be asked
for your password before you can retrieve your messages.
See section Security on page 61.