35BusinessPhone Cordless DT400/DT410/DT420/DT430
Internal Messages
Text messages
Note: This feature is only available for the DT410, DT420
and DT430 telephones.
With your Cordless you can receive important messages of up to
128 alphanumeric characters. The last 10 messages are stored for
quick reviewing, so you need not miss a message.
When you receive a new message, a message tone sounds and
the New message icon appears in the display. The text message
is displayed for one minute:
After 60 seconds, the display changes to normal and the message
is stored in the memory. The new message icon is still displayed to
remind you that you have a new message:
Press the Arrow up Scroll key to view the stored text
Continue to press the key to scroll between the messages.
Press to accept the message
This will cause the New message icon to disappear.
Note: If you scroll through unaccepted messages, they are
automatically accepted and the New message icon
Press to delete the message
If you want to delete all numbers in the message list:
Scroll to the last position
The display shows:
Press to delete all messages
Call Bob on
his mobile
System A
deletes all