41BusinessPhone Cordless DT400/DT410/DT420/DT430
Mailbox System
Outcall (External) notification
With this function the message system can notify you when new
voice messages arrive. You can specify an external number, where
you will be called at a pre-programmed time or as soon as a new
message arrives.
Note: This feature may be restricted or not available.
Ask the system administrator for the availability and for
more information.
You can be notified in two different ways (depending on the
programming of the system):
Notification with mailbox access:
You acknowledge the notification via your password (has to differ
from the default value 0000). See section Select password on
page 62 to select a new password. You have full access to the
mailbox system.
Notification without mailbox access:
You get a short voice announcement, informing that someone has
left a message for you. You acknowledge the notification by
pressing any key. To retrieve the message you have to call back the
mailbox system.
Note: If you do not acknowledge the notification within the
pre-programmed time, the connection is cancelled and
repeated later. Ask the system administrator for the
programmed number of notification attempts.
Program outcall notification
Note: Depending on the configuration, you might be asked
for your password.
Follow the voice announcements
You can program the external notification number, the notification
time and activate/deactivate the function. The external number
(including the digit(s) for external call access) can consist of up to
24 digits. The time is entered in 24h-format, e.g. 2030 for half past
eight with values automatically set to even quarters, i.e. 2013 will
be 2015.