Group Facilities
BusinessPhone Cordless DT400/DT410/DT420/DT43048
Group Facilities
When you are working together in a team the following group
facilities can be very useful.
Group hunting
Your telephone can be included in one or several hunt groups. In a
hunt group all members are represented with one common
directory number. 16 hunt groups can be programmed, each
containing 1 to 20 members. A member can be either an extension
number, an operator console or a fictive number. Please ask your
system administrator if you require this function.
Note: The number of cordless extensions in a hunt group is
limited to eight (including tandem configurations).
Incoming calls to the hunt group are directed to free extensions in
the group. The hunt order within the group can be changed to suit
your needs. If all members of the hunt group are busy an incoming
call is being queued. If no one answers an incoming call before the
programmed time, the call is forwarded to the programmed
answering position (e. g. operator).
Note: If all members in a hunt group are busy, the call-back
or intrusion functions are not available.
Log in
Before you can answer group hunting calls, you must log in.
To log in to one hunt group: