7BusinessPhone Cordless DT400/DT410/DT420/DT430
Consider these suggestions and guidelines to keep your telephone
in good shape and working properly.
Intrinsic safety
The Cordless DT400, DT410 and DT420 are IP54 classified, which
means that they are not specified as intrinsically safe. Do not use
them in hazardous areas.
Only the DT430 is designed for environments requiring intrinsically
safe equipment and therefore IP64 and EX-classified.
Battery handling
The NiMH battery contains environmental polluting material. If
damaged, return it to a collecting point.
Note: Only use the charger that is delivered with your
Cordless to charge the battery.
Clean the Cordless only with a soft, water dampened cloth. Using
soap or any other cleaning materials may discolor or damage the
Tre at ment
Although the Cordless telephones are resistant to water spray, dust
and soil, you should handle your phone always with care. Do not
expose the Cordless to direct sunlight for long periods and keep
your phone away from excessive heat.