at a Glance
Getting Started 3
Preparing Your Phone for Use 4
Turning Your Phone On and Off 9
Display Information and Key Functions 11
Making and Receiving Calls 14
During a Call 17
Functions and Settings 19
T28 WORLD Features 20
Using the Menus 21
Your Personal Phone Book 27
Using the Call List 35
Your Voice Mail Service 37
Personalizing Your Phone 39
Sending and Receiving Text
Messages (SMS) 46
Forwarding Incoming Calls 56
Security for Your Phone and Subscription 58
Handling More than One Call Simultaneously 65
Setting Network Preferences 70
Knowing the Call Time/Call Cost 73
Using Two Voice Lines 75
Voice Control 76
Calling Card Calls 79
Sending and Receiving Fax and Data Calls 81
Extras 83
The Profile Concept 87
Accessories 90
Online Services 98
Additional Information 101
Quick Keys 102
Troubleshooting 104
Ericsson Mobile Internet 106
Technical Data 107
Glossary 108
Guidelines for Safe and Efficient Use 113
Limited Warranty 119
Declaration of Conformity 121
Index 123
Ericsson T28 WORLD
First edition (September 1999)
This manual is published by
Ericsson Mobile Communications AB,
without any warranty. Improvements and
changes to this manual necessitated by
typographical errors, inaccuracies of
current information, or improvements to
programs and/or equipment, may be made
by Ericsson Mobile Communications AB
at any time and without notice. Such
changes will, however, be incorporated into
new editions of this manual.
All rights reserved.
©Ericsson Mobile Communications AB,

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