Product Manual

• Clean frequently. Grease should not be allowed to accumulate for long periods of time on the fan
or filter.
• Due to the size and weight of this appliance, installation by two or more persons is recommended.
The cooktop surface and the lower part of the hood must be installed at a minimum distance of 16
inches (40 cm) apart.
* For safety reasons, flambé cooking (i.e. crepes Suzette, cherries jubilee, beef flambé) should not
be performed on a cooking surface beneath this range hood.
*Ensure the room has adequate aeration when a range hood and appliances fed by energy other
than electric power (gas, oil, wood burning fireplace or coal stoves, etc.) are used simultaneously.
The range hood, when evacuating air, could generate a negative pressure in the room- which
should not exceed the limit of 0.04 mbar, in order to avoid drawing exhaust fumes deriving from
other non-electric heat-sources. Therefore, the room should have air intakes to allow a constant
flow of fresh air.
* When performing electrical connections to the appliance, please make sure that the current-tap is
provided with earth connection and that voltage values correspond to those indicated on the label
placed inside the appliance itself.
* The use of materials which can burst into flames should be avoided in close proximity of the
appliance. When frying, please pay particular attention to fire risk due to oil grease. Since it is
highly inflammable, fried oil is especially dangerous. Do not use uncovered electric
grills In order to avoid possible fire risk, all instructions for grease filter cleaning and for removing
eventual grease deposits should be strictly followed.
If you have questions related t technical service, please contact Fagor Customer Service at
The appliance is intended for use to perform either of the following two actions:
Recirculation: drawing fumes and odors over one or more filters and recirculating the air
back into the room.
Ventilation: Drawing fumes and odors through a filter up and a duct system and out of the
* In recirculation mode (Fig.1), the air and fumes vented by the appliance are cleaned both by a
grease filter & active charcoal filter, and recirculated through the side-grids of the hood. For this