Product Manual

Note: The remote control battery should be replaced every year to guarantee the optimal
range of the unit. To replace an exhausted battery, remove the battery and replace it with a
new one. Used batteries should always be discarded in special collection bins.
5. Maintenance
* Particular care is due to the grease filter panel. In order to remove it is necessary to open the
front panel first (Fig. 6),
then grasp the filter handle and rotate it outwards. To insert the filter please follow the inverse
* In case the appliance is used in recirculation mode, the active charcoal filter (Fig.8) needs to be
periodically replaced. The filter can be removed by removing the grease filter first and by pulling
its special plastic tongue until it is unfastened from its slot. Re-insert the filter by operating in the
opposite way. The charcoal filter needs replacing depending on the use, but recommended every
six months at least.
* Before replacing the bulbs, be sure to disconnect the appliance.
* To replace the dichroic light bulbs, remove (Fig. 12) wedging a screwdriver between the bulb
and its support and replace it with the same bulb type. WORKING
* If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by a qualified service agent in order to avoid safety hazard.