Typewriter User Manual

Adjustable Depth Setter
(PB 400/500 only)
The margin you want for your document depends on its
contents and ultimate thickness. The PB 400/500 makes
selecting margin depth easy with its unique margin depth
setter. To use:
1. After choosing the appropriate comb diameter size,
adjust the margin depth setting to correspond.
NOTE: The number on the margin dial should
correspond to the arrow on the cover.
2. Setting Guide:
Position 1:
to 1/2
(3.2 to 12.7 mm)
Position 2:
to 3/4
(15.9 to 19.1 mm)
Position 3:
to 2
(25.4 to 50.8 mm)
Punching Holes (PB 400/500 only)
A unique feature of the Fellowes Binding Machine allows
you to punch various size documents by using the
disengagable punching dies.
Document Size # of Holes
Letter/Oversized Covers 19 holes
A4 21 holes
Legal 24 holes
1. Set the machine to document size using the above
chart. Disengage, or pull up metal pins for unwanted
holes. It is recommended that you disengage from the
right side of the machine allowing you to use the
ruler by the margin guide.
2. Holes should always be
between the top
and bottom of paper edge. To center hole, set the
adjustable margin guide for oversized covers
(8-3/4”x11-1/4” • 222mm x 285mm), letter size
documents (8-1/2”x11” • 216mm x 279mm), or
legal size documents (8-1/2”x14” • 216mm x
357mm). For optimum results, first use several
“practice sheets” to set up margin guide position.
3. Insert all sheets into the punching area.
maximum of 20 sheets can be punched at a time.
4. Lower the handle to punch holes in paper.
5. Return handle to its original vertical position and
remove sheets.
6. Repeat until all sheets and covers have been punched.
Punching Holes (PB 300 Only)
Follow steps 2-6 for PB 400/500 Punching Holes
Determining Comb Size
1. To select the appropriate comb for binding, insert
complete document under “leg” of adjustable comb
guide selector located on the bottom right side.
NOTE: Entire document should fit securely under “leg”
to determine true comb size.
2. Read the corresponding comb size from the center of
the adjustable comb guide selector.
3. Raise adjustable comb guide selector to release entire
Setting the Binding Lock Dial
(PB 400/500 Only)
The PB 400/500 is equipped with a unique binding lock
which is useful when multiple documents with the same
comb diameter need to be bound. To use:
1. Open the plastic comb to the required position by
using the binding handle.
2. Turn the dial (located on the right side of the
machine) in a clockwise rotation until it tightens. The
binding mechanism will now stop in the same preset
position automatically.
3. Re-adjust binding lock when changing comb size.
Binding The Document
1. Insert the plastic comb behind metal rakes on top of
the machine. Be sure the open side of the plastic
comb’s teeth are facing upward.
2. To open comb, pull the binding handle toward self.
3. Insert the punched sheets into the open comb. (For a
correctly bound presentation, the first page of your
document should be the first one placed onto the
4. To close comb, return the binding handle to its
original vertical starting position, away from self.
5. To remove bound document lift upward.
Emptying Paper Clippings
To remove, simply pull the waste paper drawer out. Its
oversized design means emptying less frequently.
Using the Binding Machine