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Distributed Audio Panel Manual — P/N 52265:B1 6/8/2010 11
Section 1: Product Description
The AUDIO•COMMAND•CENTER•25/50DA Distributed Panel (ACC-25/50DA) and
AUDIO•COMMAND•CENTER•25/50DAZS Zone System Distributed Audio Panel (ACC-
25/50DAZS) are single channel, 25 watt, 25 V
emergency voice evacuation panels which are
designed to interface directly to the AUDIO•COMMAND•CENTER•25/50 (ACC-25/50) Series
audio panels. The ACC-25/50DA Series, which supports up to eight speaker circuits, can be used
to distribute voice evacuation audio over a building’s speaker system. The audio riser input pro-
vides automatic gain control (AGC) which compensates for any audio signal loss due to circuit
loading or cable length, ensuring that a full output signal is delivered to the speakers. An optional
FC-MGM message generator is available with standard pre-recorded message or programmable
message capability (up to sixty seconds). An integral power supply with battery charger supplies
operational power. An ACC-AAM25 audio amplifier is provided standard with each base unit. An
optional second ACC-AAM25 amplifier is also available for backup purposes or to provide an
additional 25 watt speaker circuit. Optional 70 V
conversion modules are also available for
installations where 70 V
speakers are to be installed or already exist. The modular design
allows for ease-of-serviceability.
The ACC-25/50DA can be automatically activated by the five CMD inputs from an FACP. The
ACC-25/50DAZS can be automatically activated via the Zone System serial communications link
from the ACC-25/50ZS/T.
Two Command Input Circuits can be independently field programmed for activation by an FACP
Notification Appliance Circuit reverse polarity or by closure of a supervised normally open contact
and three Command Input Circuits activate on contact closure. CMD 1 and CMD 2 provide termi-
nals for NAC input and output to allow installation of the audio panel anywhere along the NAC cir-
cuit being used to activate it.
The ACC-25/50DAZS includes an ACC-ZPM Zone Page Module and an ACC-ZSM Zone Splitter
Module. These modules provide up to eight speaker circuits that may be manually or automatically
Significant technological enhancements set the ACC-25/50DA Series apart from other voice pan-
els. These enhancements include full supervision in both active (alarm or music) and standby con-
Supervision is provided for:
amplifier outputs
field wiring (shorts and opens)
optional message generator (FC-MGM)
all tone generators
optional remote microphone
If the audio riser input fails, the distributed audio panel can be programmed to switch to the built-in
tone generator or optional FC-MGM Message Generator. If the FC-MGM fails or is not installed,
the tone generators on the main circuit board can be automatically switched in as backups.
Power is fed independently
to each amplifier so that a short circuit in one amplifier will not shut
down the other. Full output power of 25 watts per amplifier is generated while in a low battery con-
dition. Power is not diminished when the optional 70 V
transformer module is installed. Audio
is amplified utilizing modern integrated circuits as opposed to transformer technology. This pro-
vides for very low signal distortion for crystal clear audio.
NOTE: Music cannot be used for ACC-25/50DAZS.