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12 Distributed Audio Panel Manual — P/N 52265:B1 6/8/2010
Product Description Product Features
Primary applications for the audio panels include structures such as restaurants, schools, auditori-
ums, places of worship, buildings with occupancies over 50, etc. The ACC-25/50DA Distributed
Audio Series is designed to interface directly to addressable or conventional fire alarm control pan-
els or with the ACC-25/50 series audio control panels to distribute audio in systems that require
more than 50 watts.
1.1 Product Features
25 watts of 25 V
audio power (expandable to 50 watts) per panel
Automatic gain control (AGC) circuit ensures an unattenuated audio signal on the audio riser
Optional 70.7 V
conversion module available for each amplifier (note that speaker wiring
continues to be supervised in standby, alarm and when background music is playing with this
option module installed)
Modular design for maximum system flexibility
Unobstructed module access and removable terminal blocks for ease of servicing and module
Designed to allow easy system expansion
Five Command Input Circuits:
CMD1 and CMD2 are field selectable to be activated from 12 or 24 VDC Notification
Appliance Circuits (reverse polarity) or contact closures
CMD3, CMD4 and CMD5 are activated by contact closures
Speaker Circuits
single Style Y or Z speaker circuit (one ACC-AAM25 Audio Amplifier provided with base
two Style Y or Style Z speaker circuits (with optional second ACC-AAM25 Audio
Amplifier installed)
eight Style Y or four Style Z speaker circuits using ACC-ZSM Zone Splitter Module
ACC-25/50DAZS can be controlled by the ACC-25/50ZS/T via the Zone System serial link
(EIA-485) to the ACC-ZPM.
Optional FC-MGM Message Generator Module with standard, prerecorded message:
“May I have your attention please. May I have your attention please. The signal you
have just heard indicates a report of a fire in this building. Please proceed to the nearest
exit and leave the building. Do not reenter the building unless directed to do so by the
proper authorities.”
Field selectable message capability and custom message field recording capability using
optional FC-MGM module’s audio input RCA jack or mini Audio jack for connection to a
personal computer
Record/playback control switches on optional FC-MGM
One 60-second, two 30-second, three 20-second or four 15-second custom messages on
optional FC-MGM
Integral tone generators field selectable for steady, slow-whoop, high-low or chime tones
Powered by integral AC power supply or batteries during AC fail
Two Form-C trouble relays:
System Trouble Relay - TB1
AC Power Loss Relay - TB11
35 mA Special Application auxiliary power output for addressable modules (when interfaced
with the Fire•Lite MS-9200(E), MS-9200UD or MS-9600 FACP or equivalent) and End-of-
Line power supervision relays