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22 Distributed Audio Panel Manual — P/N 52265:B1 6/8/2010
Product Description Components
Audio Amplifier Module [ACC-AAM25]
A single Audio Amplifier Module is installed in the Distributed Audio Panel. The amplifier pro-
vides 25 watts of power at 25 V
A second optional ACC-AAM25 can be installed as a backup
to the primary or to expand speaker power to 50 watts. An optional module, P/N: FC-XRM70,
converts the 25 V
output to 70.7 V
One fully supervised and power-limited speaker cir-
cuit is provided on the amplifier module. The circuit can be wired for Style Y (Class B) or Style Z
(Class A) operation.
LEDs are provided to indicate Amplifier Supervision (green indicates amplifier is functional) and
Circuit Trouble (yellow indicates field wiring fault or amplifier fault). The LEDs are only visible
with the panel door open.
The cabinet is red with an attractive navy blue front overlay. The backbox measures 26.0" x 15.5"
x 4.75" and provides space for two batteries (up to 18 Amp Hours).
The cabinet provides space for 18 Amp Hour batteries (charged by integral Power Supply/Battery
Charger module).
Figure 1.5 Cabinet