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30 Distributed Audio Panel Manual — P/N 52265:B1 6/8/2010
Field Programming ACC-ZSM Zone Splitter Module
2.5 ACC-ZSM Zone Splitter Module
Two switches on the ACC-ZSM Zone Splitter Module are used to configure the speaker circuits
connected to it.
SW1 - used to configure the circuits for split amplifier application. Setting the switch to the
AAM 1 & 2 position directs the audio from Amplifier 1 to the first two Class A circuits or first
four Class B circuits, and the audio from Amplifier 2 to the next two Class A circuits or next
four Class B circuits. Setting the switch to the AAM1 position sends the audio from Amplifier
1 to all circuits. IMPORTANT! Set SW1 to AAM1 when Amplifier 2 is configured to backup
Amplifier 1.
SW2 - used to configure all circuits for Class A (Style Z) or Class B (Style Y) operation.
2.6 Switch SW1 on ACC-AAM25 Audio Amplifier Module
When the amplifier is mounted in the secondary location (connector P2) on the main circuit board,
switch S1 on the ACC-AAM25 is used to configure the amplifier for backup applications. Posi-
tioning switch S1 to the Up (Backup On) position sets the amplifier to act as a backup to the pri-
mary amplifier installed in the system. Positioning switch S1 to the Down position configures the
amplifier to act as an additional system amplifier. See Section “Audio Amplifier Module (ACC-
AAM25)” on page 46, for the location of the switch on the ACC-AAM25 board and Section “One
Speaker Circuit With Backup” on page 62, for details on wiring the amplifiers for backup applica-
SW1, which is shown in the AAM 1 & AAM 2
position is set for split amplifier operation.
Note that the factory default setting is AAM1
only for single amplifier operation.
SW2, which is shown in the Class B position,
configures all circuits for Class B (Style Y)
wiring. This is the factory default setting.
Figure 2.4 ACC-ZSM Zone Splitter Module Switch Configuration