User guide

58 Distributed Audio Panel Manual — P/N 52265:B1 6/8/2010
Operating Instructions Operation
Message Generator restoral (optional FC-MGM)
Turn off the Message Generator Trouble LED on the FC-MGM
Amplifier restoral
The AMP SUPV LED will turn on and the Circuit Trouble LED will turn off. When the
system is configured for backup, restoral of the primary amplifier will cause the backup
amplifier to be switched out.
NAC (Speaker) Output restoral
The wiring to each amplifier is supervised for opens and shorts at all times in standby and
while in alarm or when background music is enabled*. A restoral of a wiring fault will cause
the circuit Trouble LED located on each amplifier module to turn off. It should be noted that
the green AMP SUPV LED is on.
The ACC-ZSM wiring to each speaker circuit is supervised for opens and shorts in standby and
for shorts while in alarm. Restoral of a wiring fault will cause the zone/circuit Trouble LED on
the ACC-ZPMK in the ACC-25/50ZS/T main panel corresponding to the affected circuit to
turn off.
ACC-ZPM Zone Page Module restoral
The Zone System serial link wiring between the ACC-ZPM and ACC-25/50ZS/T is
supervised. Restoral of communication on the Zone System (EIA-485) serial link will cause
the system Trouble LED to turn off on the ACC-25/50ZS/T main panel.
The ribbon cable between the ACC-ZPM and audio panel is supervised. Restoral of
communication will cause the ACC Comm LED to turn on at the ACC-ZPM module on the
ACC-25/50DAZS and clear the system fault at the ACC-25/50ZS/T main panel.
Remote Microphone restoral
Turn off the Remote Microphone Trouble LED located on the FC-MIM module
Battery Charger
Turn off the Battery Charger LED on the main circuit board
NOTE: The local Authority Having Jurisdiction must approve the use of background music.
Background music is not available with the ACC-25/50DAZS.