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Distributed Audio Panel Manual — P/N 52265:B1 6/8/2010 67
ACC-25/50 Series and ACC-25/50DA Installation Application Examples
5.7 ACC-25/50 Series and ACC-25/50DA Installation
ACC-25/50 Series Connection to Multiple ACC-25/50DA Distributed Audio Panels (see Table 2.2
on page 27 for Message Control switch settings and ACC 25/50 Manual Doc. 51889).
This application consists of one ACC-25/50 Series and two ACC-25/50DA panels, supplying 150
watts of output power. The addressable FACP directs one of the five voice messages to both
25/50 Series speaker circuits and also manages the routing of audio in the ACC-25/50DA panels
via the control modules on the SLC Loop. Audio from the first amplifier of the ACC-25/50 Series
is input to the ACC-25/50DA via the audio riser.
The ACC-25/50 Series is configured for single zone operation when S3 DIP switches 1 and 3 are
set to ON and DIP switch 2 is set to OFF. This causes CMD1 to activate the Fire Message, CMD2
to activate the Fire Alert Message, CMD3 to activate the Tornado Message, CMD4 to activate the
Chemical Spill Message, and CMD5 to activate the All Clear Message. The FACP can route the
message generated by the ACC-25/50 Series to the speaker circuits of the ACC-25/50DA by acti-
vating the control module connected to CMD1 of the ACC-25/50DA or it can select the ACC-
25/50DA local message by activating the control module connected to CMD2.
All Call paging is possible by pressing the All Call button on the keypad of the ACC-25/50 Series.
This will activate the ACC-25/50DA speaker circuits. Keying the microphone will allow
announcements to be made on all speaker circuits.
The ACC-25/50 can be used for systems requiring up
to 50 watts of audio power.
FACP can be used for automatic control.
FACP Control
Master Command Bus
Audio Riser
25W Speaker Ckt.
25W Speaker Ckt
25W Speaker Ckt
25W Speaker Ckt
25W Speaker Ckt
25W Speaker Ckt
The ACC-25/50DA can be added to increase audio power above
50 watts.
Master Command Bus
Audio Riser
FACP Control
To Additional
ACC-25/50DA Panels
1. The FACP controls the audio system via the CMD
inputs on the ACC-25/50 and ACC-25/50DA
2. The Audio Riser connects the audio output of the
ACC-25/50 to each of the ACC-25/50DA (s).
3. The Master Command Bus provides an All-Call
trigger from the ACC-25/50 to the ACC-
Figure 5.8 ACC-25/50DA Installation