IP Communicator
IPDACT-2(UD) Dm 387-Iv3
Quick Start Programming Guide using a PC Serial Port
Model TS563/2
1. Requirements
Alarm Panel
“Contact Id” compatible panel with tone dialing.
Existing PSTN Service (for backup communication lines).
PC with RS-232 serial port.
Console cable for the IPDACT-2(UD).
Voltage Range
10-28 VDC
Current (Maximum) 12VDC
IPDACT-2: 180 mA (NSC), 230 mA (Alarm)
IPDACT-2UD: 185 mA (NSC), 230 mA (Alarm)
Current (Maximum) 24VDC
IPDACT-2: 93 mA (NSC), 136 mA (Alarm)
IPDACT-2UD: 98 mA (NSC), 155 mA (Alarm)
Internet Access
Either a static IP address (always the same) or a dynamic IP address (could be different every time
a connection is made) are possible.
2. Checklist¹
a. IPDACT-2(UD) console access password (default is 24680).
b. Installer password, required to execute the register command.
c. IP address, subnet mask and gateway for IPDACT-2(UD)
d. IPDACT-2(UD) account number or client number.
e. IP address, and UDP Port number of the VisorALARM central station.
Please obtain the following information from your central monitoring station.
If you have a DHCP server in the network to which the IPDACT-2(UD) connects, these parameters can be obtained automatically.
Dm387-Iv3 1

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