Echelon Diamond Series Brochure

Welcome into your home the worlds nest outdoor grill. American designed and manufactured, Fire
Magic Premium Grills and accessories have combined sublime crasmanship and superior technology to set the
industry standard for more than 70 years.
It’s an unmatched experience that begins with a superior design and solid stainless steel construction.
Li the gleaming hood, engineered to reect heat onto the entire cooking surface, and experience all the
brilliance inside. Truly, there is not a more inspired, better-made grill on the market today- from the exclusive
avor grids to the lifetime guaranteed cast stainless steel burner. Every Fire Magic is designed and built to be the
centerpiece of your outdoor lifestyle. Whether you choose a beautiful built-in or one of our impressive stand-
alone grills, you’ll savor every moment with Fire Magic.
Like a luxury motorcar, the
contoured face of the Echelon
Diamond Series, with rounded
edges and mirrored highlights,
hints at the high performance
and exquisite craftsmanship
under the hood.
Backlit grill knobs feature blue LED bezels,
casting a luminous glow against the reflective
stainless steel. A flame icon in the knob changes
from blue to red as the knob is turned on. The
red flame’s intensity grows brighter on high and
dimmer on low, visually signifying the burner’s
setting. and lets you know when gas is flowing
at a glance. This important safety feature is only
found on Fire Magic Diamond Series Grills.
The hot surface electronic ignition
system is the most advanced and
reliable lighting system available.
Simply push in the control knob
to activate the hot surface, turn
up the gas and light your grill.
Fire Magic’s wood chip smoker features a
stainless steel wood chip drawer with its own
3,000 BTU dedicated burner. Add fruit juice,
wine, or simply water to your choice of mesquite,
oak, cherry or other woods for grilled foods
enveloped in a delicate smoky flavor.
Halogen lamps shine brightly and are
thoughtfully angled for ease of evening grilling.
The absence of screws in our design allows for
quick cleaning with a damp sponge. Bulbs are
easily replaceable. Dual lamps in 660 and 790
models, triple lamps in 1060 model.
State of the art electronic thermometer
display is loaded with an impressive
array of features such as a timer, digital
temperature grilling guide, choice of
backlit display colors, high temperature
limit set and oven light switch. Powered
by 110V, batteries are not required.
Why Fire Magic Premium Grills?
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