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Recessed Shampoo Caddy Instructions
Please inspect packages for damage or missing pieces, and read instructions carefully prior to
installation. All FlexStone products come with a protective masking covering the image side of the
material. If you have any questions or issues, please call our customer support Monday through Friday
8:00 AM5:00 PM MST at 877-941-3662.
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and other useful installation information.
1. Recessed Shampoo Caddies are installed between studs in any wall of your surround. Install the
FlexStone Bath Kit surround as normal, but mark locations of studs as you go.
2. Cut a square hole through the FlexStone wall panel, the existing tile (if any), and the sheetrock or
cement board. Size the hole just larger than the recessed portion of the caddy (approx. 12.25”).
Note: The hole must be smaller than the flange of the caddy! Dry fit caddy.
3. Peel away protective masking from the caddy,
apply construction adhesive to the back side of
the entire flange, filling the cavity on the backside
of the flange.
4. Press the caddy into the hole until the flange is
flat against the FlexStone wall panel. Secure
with painters’ tape until the adhesive cures. The
cured adhesive will hold the caddy in place and
also form a secondary water barrier.
5. Apply 100% silicone, as with the rest of the
FlexStone Bath Kit surround, to all corners and
edges, as well as all internal corners of the
caddy. This forms the primary leak barrier.