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Pump Station
Add-on Kit
Operating Instructions & Parts Manual
Please read and save these instructions. Read carefully before attempting to assemble, install, operate or maintain the product
described. Protect yourself and others by observing all safety information. Failure to comply with instructions could result in personal
injury and/or property damage! Retain instructions for future reference.
The duplex kit is designed as an add on to the Single
pump Artesian Drive pump station to increase the
capacity of the pumping station without adding an
additional drive. The duplex kit, must match the HP of
the pump station that it is to be added to for proper
operation. When added to the pump station, the single
phase pump will turn on when the drive is running the
three phase pump at full speed and still cannot reach
the system pressure set point. When the single phase
pump is running, depending upon demand, the drive
may shut off the 3-phase pump. After the single phase
pump has started and demand decreases, when the
pressure increase to 5 PSI above the set point the drive
will start up the three phase pump again and then shut
down the single phase pump. To reduce the chance of
damage to the single phase pump and motor that can
occur with short cycling, the single phase motor will
remain running for a minimum of 1 minute even if
the system pressure rises above the set point. Once the
single phase motor turns off, it will also remain off for
one minute before it will turn back on even if the pres-
sure drops below the system set point.
If plumbing cannot withstand
maximum pump pressure plus incoming pressure,
a pressure control valve shuld be installed after
the check valve on the single phase pump and set
10 psi above the system pressure set point on the
drive. This will prevent any damage to the system
plumbing in the event a sudden drop in water
demand creates maximum deadhead pressure.
General Safety Information
Carefully read and follow all safety instructions
in this manual and on pump. Keep safety labels in
good condition. Replace missing or damaged safety
This is a SAFETY ALERT SYMBOL. When you
see this symbol on the pump or in the manual,
look for one of the following signal words and
be alert to the potential for personal injury or
property damage.
Warns of hazards that WILL cause
serious personal injury, death or major property
damage if ignored.
Warns of hazards that CAN cause
serious personal injury or death, if ignored.
Warns of hazards that MAY
cause minor personal injury, product or property
damage if ignored.
IMPORTANT: Indicates factors concerned with
operation, installation, assembly or maintenance
which could result in damage to the machine or
equipment if ignored.
NOTE: Indicates special instructions which are
important but are not related to hazards.
Read these warnings and
instructions carefully. Failure to follow could
result in serious bodily injury and/or property
Electrical installations
shall be in accordance with National Electric
Code (NEC) and all applicable local codes
and ordinances. A licensed electrician should
023507 B
Only shaded areas
included in package
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