Electronic Insect Killer
Installation, Operation & Instructions for Models BK-15D, BK-40D, BK-80D
General Information
Your Flowtron Electronic Insect Killer attracts light sensitivey i n g
insects with its high intensity ultraviolet light and its unique OCTENOL
slow release lure. As insects fly toward the light, they pass through a
patented vertical rod killing grid and are destroyed cleanly and efc i e n t-
ly without the use of chemical fogs or sprays.
1 . Unpack the insect killer. Save the carton and fillers. Use them for
storage during off-season months.
2 . Choose a sturdy mounting device from which to hang the unit. If
permanent installation is desired, check your local electrical codes
and see a professional electrician.
3 . Hang the insect killer at a height of six to eight feet above the
4 . Place the unit 25 away from the area intended for human activity.
Position the insect killer between the source of insects (woods,
lowlands, etc.) and the area to be protected.
5 . Plug cord into a compatible extension cord
rated for outdoor use. The bulb(s) will emit a bluish glow within a few
Model BK-40D
This model is equipped with a 2-prong plug to fit
the proper type receptacles.
Models BK-15D and BK-80D
1. Grounding Instru c t i o n s
These models are equipped with three conductor
power cords and three-prong grounding type plugs to fit
the proper grounding type receptacles. To reduce the risk of electrical
shock the plug on these models must be plugged into an appropriate
outlet that is properly installed and grounded.
Consuslt a qualified electrician or serviceman if the grounding
instructions are not completely understood, or in doubt as to whether
proper grounding exists.
2. Extension Cords
Use only three-wire extension cords which have three-prong
grounding type plugs and three-pole receptacles which accept the
products plug.
Octenol Mosquito Attractant
U.S. Government and university researchers have demonstrated that
octenol, a component of respiration, is effective in attracting many
species of mosquitoes and biting flies. Your Flowtron insect killer uses
an exclusive slow-release Octenol Mosquito Attractant Cartridge (MA-
1000) which increases the effectiveness of the
insect killer to lure mosquitoes and biting flies
into its killing grid.
1. Directions for Use:
Remove the octenol cartridge from the sealed pouch and peel the
protective cover from the face of the cartridge. Avoid touching the
openings in the cartridge and always wash
your hands thoroughly after contact.
2. Installation:
Remove the double face tape from the
pouch and peel the backing paper off one
side of the tape. Press the tape to the
bottom of the cartridge, (side opposite the
Peel the backing paper from the other side of the tape and press
the cartridge firmly into the bulb retainer at the bottom of the enclo-
sure (see illustration).
3. Operation:
When your insect killer is on it will provide the heat and convective
air flow to vaporize the lure and disperse it at the proper rate per
hour for maximum effectivity. For best results replace the cartridge
every 30 days.
Insect Killer
1. Do not mount unit on house, deck or other structures or
near gas, oil or other inammable materials.
2. Clean dead insects frequently.
3. Never place fingers or hands, or insert any objects into
the unit while it is connected to an electrical outlet.
4. Always disconnect plug before servicing, cleaning, chang-
ing bulbs and when not in use.
5. Do not clean with water spray or the like.
6. For outdoor domestic use only. Store indoors when not in
use – out of reach of children.
7. Do not abuse power cord. Never carry unit by cord or
yank cord to disconnect from receptacle. Keep power
cord from heat, oil and sharp edges. Repair or replace
damaged cord.
8. Appropriate extension cords and devices for retaining an
extension cord connection to the Flowtron insect killer
power cord are available at your local dealer.
9. Extension cords used with this product must be marked
with sufx letters “W-A” and with a tag stating “Suitable for
use with Outdoor Appliances”. Use extension cords
marked SJW-A, SJEW-A or SJTW-A only.
10. Use only extension cords that have plugs and receptacles
that match the product plug.
11. Electrical rating of the extension cord must be as great as
the electrical rating of the product.
12. Keep extension cord connections dry and off the ground.
Please read these instructions before using the Flowtron Electronic Insect Killer and keep for future reference.
Grounding Pin

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