User Manual

9. Start the washer.
Close the washer lid and pull out the cycle selector knob. Washer will fill with
the lid open. The tub will not agitate or spin unless the lid is closed.
To stop the washer, push in the cycle selector knob.
To change a cycle, push in the cycle selector knob. Turn it clockwise to the
desired setting. Pull out the knob to restart the washer.
10.Remove items when the cycle is completed.
For your safety, the lid locks when the tub is spinning. It will remain locked for
about 1 minute after the tub stops spinning.
To open the lid during a spin, push in the cycle selector knob and wait about
1 minute for the lid lock to release. Do not force open the locked lid.
Place washed items in automatic dryer, line dry, or dry flat as directed by fabric
care label. Excess wrinkling, color transfer or odors may develop in items left in
the washer after the cycle has ended.
Stain RemovalStain Removal
Stain RemovalStain Removal
Stain Removal
Safe Stain Removal Procedures
To reduce the risk of fire or serious injury to persons or property,
comply with the basic warnings listed below:
Read and comply with all instructions on stain removal products.
Keep products in their original labeled containers and out of children's
Thoroughly wash any utensil used.
Do not combine stain removal products, especially ammonia and chlorine
bleach. Dangerous fumes may result.
Never wash items which have been previously cleaned in, washed in,
soaked in or spotted with gasoline, dry cleaning solvents or other flammable
or explosive substances because they give off vapors that could ignite or
Never use highly flammable solvents, such as gasoline, inside the home.
Vapors can explode on contact with flames or sparks.
For successful stain removal:
Remove stains promptly.
Determine the kind of stain, then follow recommended treatment in the
stain removal chart on the next page.
To pretreat stains, use a prewash product, liquid detergent, or a paste made
from granular detergent and water.
Use cold water on unknown stains because hot water can set stains.
Check care label instructions for treatments to avoid on specific fabrics.
Check for colorfastness by testing stain remover on an inside seam.
Rinse and wash items after stain removal.
Follow fabric care label instructions.
Do not combine stain removal products.