Signature Features
Product Dimensions
Height 29"
Width 27"
Depth 24-3/4"
More Easy-To-Use Features
Even Baking Technology
Our Even Baking Technology ensures
even baking every time.
PowerPlus® Broil
Added power means you can broil food
more evenly.
Smudge-Proof™ Stainless Steel
Reduces fingerprints and smudges so
it’s easy to clean.
Built with American Pride
Appliances that are high-performing,
more accessible, and more innovative
than ever — designed, built, and
engineered in the U.S.A.
Steam Cleaning
A light oven cleaning that’s chemical-free,
odor-free, and fast.
One-Touch Keep Warm Setting
Just one touch of a button keeps food
warm until everything — and everyone —
is ready.
"My Favorite" Settings
Easily program your most used setting
with the touch of a button.
Delay Start
Set your oven to begin cooking on your
schedule. It can be programmed from
one to 24 hours.
A.D.A. Compliant
When properly installed, this model
is A.D.A.-qualified based on the United
States Access Board’s A.D.A./A.B.A.
Accessibility Guidelines and the
Department of Justice’s 2010 A.D.A.
Standards for Accessible Design.
Sabbath Mode (Star-K® Certified)
Available in:
Based on single rack cooking performance, not set
temperature, using PowerPlus® Preheat.
Single Wall Oven
27" Electric
True Convection
Single convection fan circulates hot
air throughout the oven for faster and
more even multi-rack baking..
PowerPlus® Preheat
Preheat in less than six minutes.
Eortless™ Temperature Probe
Take the guesswork out of cooking
with the Effortless™ Temperature Probe
that shows you the internal cooking
temperature of your food. You can
set the desired finished temperature
and the oven alerts you when that
temperature has been reached
Eortless™ Convection
Takes the guesswork out of convection
cooking — our oven automatically
adjusts standard baking temperatures
to convection temperatures for
consistent results.

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