To maintain optimum performance, clean the filters at least every 30 days.
Air Filters
reduces cooling, heating
and airflow.
Turn the Zoneline off before cleaning.
The most important thing you can do to maintain the Zoneline
is to clean the filter at least every 30 days. Clogged filters reduce
cooling, heating and air flow.
Keeping these filters clean will:
Decrease cost of operation.
Save energy.
Prevent clogged heat exchanger coils.
Reduce the risk of premature component failure.
To clean the air filters:
Vacuum off the heavy soil.
Run water through the filters from the
back side.
Dry thoroughly before replacing.
NOTE: The air filters are interchangeable and will fit in either the
right or left side.
To remove the air filters:
To replace the air filters:
Do not operate the Zoneline without the filters in place. If a filter
becomes torn or damaged, it should be replaced immediately.
Operating without the filters in place or with damaged filters
will allow dirt and dust to reach the indoor coil and reduce the
cooling, heating, airflow and efficiency of the unit.
Replacement filters are available from your salesperson, GE
dealer, GE Service and Parts Center or authorized Customer
Care and cleaning
Pull up
Push down
2 Air filters
Ventilation Filter
If the vent door is open, clean the vent filter twice a year or as
required. Access requires the removal of the unit from the wall
Turn the Zoneline off and unplug before removing and cleaning.
To clean the vent filter:
IMPORTANT: This filter is not removable. Trying to
remove this filter will damage the unit.
Use a vacuum to remove debris from the filter.
Use a damp rag to wipe down the filter and surrounding area
after vacuuming.
Remove the
shipping screws
(if operation is