Installation Instructions
Use the correct wall case
This unit is designed to be installed in a GE plastic or
insulated metal wall case. This minimizes condensation
from forming on the room side of the case.
NOTE: There are several extra holes in the unit side
flanges for installation in wall cases other than GE. To
avoid damaging the flange insulation, the installer should
use an awl or other sharp tool to puncture the insulation
in the appropriate holes before installing the attachment
Use the correct outdoor grille
You should use the outdoor grilles shown on the
“Essential Elements” label on the base pan.
If an existing grille is not replaced, capacity and
efficiency will be reduced and the unit may fail to
operate properly or fail prematurely. A deflector kit,
RAK40, may be used with grilles that were not designed
for your new GE Zonelines. The RAK40 contains air
deflectors and gaskets that mount to the unit to direct
the hot exhaust air away from the air intake to allow
the unit to function properly. The grille must have a
65% minimum free area (as calculated by ASHRAE).
See the Architects and Engineers Data Manual for more
detailed information.
Any vertical deflectors in a non GE existing rear
grille should be removed to decrease condenser air
recirculation that can cause the unit to “short-cycle”
and lead to premature component failure.
Use the correct power cord
Local codes may require the use of arc fault or leakage
current detection devices on 230/208-volt installations.
Replacing a ducted unit
New ducted installation:
If this unit is to be installed in a new ducted application
using a duct adapter kit, the kit must be installed before
the unit is placed in the wall case. The installation
instructions are packed with the kit.
Duct kits available:
Existing ducted installation:
Replacement of an existing ducted unit may require
different components. Request this information from your
sales representative. Duct seals on existing unit need to
be removed and added to the new unit.
Replacing 230/208 volt units:
See page 16.
Replacing 265 volt units:
See page 17.
When using a duct kit, you must always turn Mode 7 to
ON “ See Mode instructions on page 9.
Check the “Essential
Elements” label for
important information.
Duct Mode
Shown ON