Before you call for service
Troubleshooting Tips
Save time and money! Review the charts on the following
pages first and you may not need to call for service.
Problem Possible Causes What To Do
Zoneline does The unit is Make sure the Zoneline plug is pushed completely
not start unplugged. into the outlet.
The power cord is not Remove the room cover and make sure that the
firmly attached. black connector on the end of the power cord is
firmly engaged.
The fuse is blown/circuit Check the house fuse/circuit breaker box and replace
breaker is tripped. the fuse or reset the breaker.
The unit is waiting for This is normal. The Zoneline will start again after
the compressor overload it resets.
protector to reset.
Power failure. If power failure occurs, set the mode control to OFF.
When power is restored, set the mode control to the
desired setting.
There is a protective time delay (up to 3 minutes) to
prevent tripping of the compressor overload. For this
reason, the unit may not start normal heating or cooling
for 3 minutes after it is turned back on.
The power cord current Press the RESET button located on the power cord plug
interrupter device is tripped. or the box near the plug.
If the RESET button will not stay engaged, discontinue use
of the Zoneline and contact a qualified service technician.
Zoneline does not cool Indoor airflow Make sure there are no curtains, blinds or furniture
or heat as it should is restricted. blocking the front of the Zoneline.
Outdoor airflow is Make sure the rear grille is not restricted. This can
restricted or recirculated. cause the unit to cycle off due to the compressor
overload protector.
Outdoor grille must have a minimum of 65% free area.
Non-GE grilles may be too restrictive for proper
performance. Consult your salesperson for assistance.
The temp control may Turn the control to a lower or higher setting.
not be set properly. NOTE: The temperature limiter may be limiting the
temperature range.
The air filter is dirty. Clean the filter at least every 30 days.
See the Operating Instructions section.
The room may have When the Zoneline is first turned on you need to
been hot or cold. allow time for the room to cool down or warm up.
Outdoor air is Set the vent control to the closed position.
entering the room. NOTE: Units equipped with make-up ventilation will continuously
allow some outdoor air into the room.
Burning odor at the start Dust is on the surface This can cause a “burning” odor at the beginning of
of heating operation of the heating element. the heating operation. This odor should quickly fade.