Problem Possible Causes What To Do
The air is not always The heat pump is not This is normal. The heat pump will produce warm air
cool or hot during producing hot air. but not as hot as air produced when the higher-cost
operation electric heat is used.
The Smart Fan Auxiliary This causes the fan to blow room temperature air
Controls may be set to even when the compressor or heater cycles off.
continuous fan. The continuous air movement provides better
overall temperature control in the cool mode.
See Smart Fan – Cooling/Heating on page 7.
The air does not feel The heat pump alone Use the Electric Heat Option. This turns off the
warm enough during produces air that feels heat pump and warms with electric heat only.
heating operation cooler than desired. NOTE: Use of this option will result in increased energy
The unit is not The Smart Fan Auxiliary See Smart Fan – Cooling/Heating on page 7.
blowing out air Controls may be set to cycle.
The electric heating The power cord is not Remove the room cover and make sure that the
and fan features do firmly attached. black connector on the end of the power cord is
not work firmly engaged.
Temperature display The compressor may Set the operation control to OFF and then restart
flashes have failed. the unit. If the flashing light reappears within
30 minutes, call for service.
The unit does not Aux mode 6 not set properly. Verify wiring from Remote Wall TStat is correct to unit thermostat
function after are incorrect. connector.
installing Remote
Wall Thermostat Unit thermostat connections Check aux mode 6 to be sure switch is “on” for Remote
are incorrect. Thermostat, see page 9.
Transformer resets or opens Wait 5 minutes to see if power resets.
with short