Normal Operating Sounds
You may hear a pinging noise caused by water being
picked up and thrown against the condenser on rainy
days or when the humidity is high. This design feature
helps remove moisture and improve efficiency.
You may hear relays click when the controls cycle
on and off or are adjusted to change the room
Water will collect in the base pan during high humidity
or on rainy days. The water may overflow and drip
from the outdoor side of the unit.
The indoor fan runs continuously when the unit is
operating in the cooling mode, unless the Smart Fan
Auxiliary Control is set to cycle. This will cause the fan
to cycle on and off with the compressor. You may also
hear a fan noise stop and start.
There are times when the fan on the unit will run even
when the unit is not heating or cooling. If the system
is set up to be in continuous fan the indoor fan will run
regardless if the unit may be cooling or heating. Other
times the fan will run longer than the heating/cooling
cycle or kick on occasionally. This is normal and is
done to improve room comfort and balance.
If the unit is equipped with a make-up air ventilation
system, fans will run continuously.
You may notice a few minutes delay in starting if you
try to restart the Zoneline too soon after turning it
off or if you adjust the thermostat right after the
compressor has shut off. This is due to a built-in
restart protector for the compressor that causes
a 3-minute delay.
During the defrost cycle, both indoor and outdoor fans
stop and the compressor will operate in the cooling
mode to remove frost from the outdoor coil. After
defrost, the unit will restart in electric heat to quickly
warm the room to the desired comfort level.
To protect the compressor and prevent short cycling,
the unit is designed to run for a minimum of 3 minutes
after the compressor starts at any thermostat setting.
Things that are normal