About Your Heat Pump (AZ65 only)
Heat pumps can save money by removing heat from the outside
releasing that heat indoors.
To get the best energy performance from your heat pump, don’t
change the room thermostat by more than one degree at one
time. Raising the heat setting 2–3 degrees will cause the Zoneline
to use its electric heating elements in order to reach the new
temperature setting quickly.
The electric heating elements use more electricity than heat
pumps and cost more to operate.
There is a 3-minute minimum compressor run time at any setting
to prevent short cycling.
The fans start before the compressor and stop after the
compressor cycles off.
When the outdoor temperature is lower than 25°F, heat is
provided by the electric heater instead of by the heat pump.
About the controls on your Zoneline
Temp Control
The temp control is used to maintain the room temperature. The
system will cycle on and off to keep the room at the same level of
Press the + pad to raise the temperature.
Press the - pad to lower the temperature.
NOTE: The display shows the set temperature, not the room
Fan, Mode and Operation Control
)$1³Sets the fan operation for HIGH or LOW.
02'(³&22/³For cooling
)$1³For fan-only operation
+($7³For heating
2))³Turns the unit off. Power remains connected to the
Zoneline. The Freeze/Heat Sentinel features still function if
active. See the Freeze/Heat Sentinel section on page 8.
86(:$//7+(50267$7³ This LED will light up when the unit is
controlled by a wall thermostat. See page 9 for details.
Control Lock Out
The control panel can be locked out to prevent users from
changing the operation mode of the unit.
While the unit is in the desired operating mode, press and hold
the DISPLAY SHOW/HIDE button for 10 seconds to lock the
control and the desired setting. Any key press after that will result
in the mode LED and temperature that was locked to flash 5
times and then go dormant.
To unlock the control lock out feature, press the DISPLAY SHOW/
HIDE button for 10 seconds to unlock and resume normal
NOTE: The temperature display will flash if the control panel is
locked (see Control Lock Out section).
NOTE: When switching between modes, it may take several
minutes to completely change operation.
Quick Heat Recovery
Activates each time the thermostat is switched from OFF or
COOL mode to HEAT mode. Electric heaters are energized until
the thermostat set point is reached. On heat pump models, the
heat pump operation will resume at the next call for heat.