Ventilation Control*
NOTE: Two shipping screws must be removed from the vent door
before use. See the Installation Instructions in the back of this
manual. If you do not plan to use the ventilation feature, leave the
two screws in place.
The ventilation control lever is located at the lower left side of the
Zoneline unit, behind the room cover. The position of the lever
can be adjusted with the wing nut.
When set at the closed position, only the air inside the room is
circulated and filtered.
When set in an open position, some outdoor air will be drawn into
the room. This will reduce the heating or cooling efficiency.
Energy Tip: Keep the vent control in the closed position to prevent
unconditioned air from entering the room.
* Not on Make Up Air Module
Air Direction
To change the air direction, remove the room cover. Remove the
4 louver screws that hold the louver insert in place. Rotate the
louver 180°, reinstall and replace the screws and the room cover.
Other features of your Zoneline
To Remove the Room Front
Additional controls are located behind the room cover.
To remove: Pull out at the bottom to release it from the holding
tabs on the sides (1). Then lift up (2).
To replace: Align and place the top rail of the room cover over the
chassis (1). Push inward at the bottom until it snaps into place (2).
Remove the
shipping screws
(if operation is
Louver screws
Factory Shipped Louver Orientation
(airflow @ 45° from horizontal)
Modified Louver Orientation
(airflow @ 85° from horizontal)
Vent Control