Auxiliary controls on your Zoneline
While the unit is preset to what most customers prefer,
the auxiliary controls located behind the room cover,
below the control panel.
Remove the room cover. See the To Remove the Room
Cover section.
If the owner modifies the auxiliary controls it is then the
owner is responsible for ensuring the auxiliary controls
are set to the desired function. There are 10 different
modes that can be set using the auxiliary set button.
To change operating or set up parameters, first go to
the mode control and turn the unit off, then, press the
red AUX SET button (“AU” appears on the display).
Press the mode button on the control pad until the first
digit in the display shows the number corresponding to
the mode you are choosing and the correct HEAT/COOL
LED is lit.
Press the +/- button to make the mode setting
selection where applicable (shown in the second digit of
the display).
Press the red AUX SET button to lock in the selection,
and exit AUX SET mode.
Press MODE until a 1 appears in the first digit of the
display for Smart Fan cool mode. The COOL LED light
on the main control will be on. To change to heat mode,
press MODE again. The HEAT LED light on the main
control will be lit.
Press the - pad to set the indoor fan to cycle on/off in
the heating or cooling mode selected “ .”
Press the + pad to set the indoor fan to run continuously
in the heating or cooling mode selected “ .”
Press AUX SET to confirm your selection and exit AUX
SET mode, or press MODE to continue setting other
The default setting for Mode 1 is as follows:
Cooling: Continuous (ON)
Heating: Cycle (OFF)
*Note: In cyclic cooling mode, the indoor fan will activate occasionally
to verify air temperature in the room. In cyclic heating mode, the fan will
continue to operate for several seconds after the heating function has
stopped in order to increase unit efficiency.
(AZ65 Only)
(AZ65 Only)
Aux Set