JGB660 JGB735 PGB935

49-2000782 Rev. 3 
The number of rack positions may vary by model.
Oven Racks
Recommended rack positions for various types of
foods are provided in the Cooking Guide. Adjusting
rack position is one way to impact cooking results. For
example, if you would prefer darker tops on cakes,
muffins, or cookies, try moving food one rack position
higher. If you find foods are too brown on top try moving
them down next time.
When baking with multiple pans and on multiple racks,
sufficient space for air to flow.
flat racks.
To avoid possible burns, place the racks in the desired
position before you turn the oven on.
Do not use any type of foil or oven liner to cover the oven bottom. These items can trap heat
or melt, resulting in damage to the product and risk of shock, smoke or fire. Damage from improper use of
these items is not covered by the product warranty.
Foil may be used to catch spills by placing a sheet on a lower rack, several inches below the food. Do not use more
to prevent poor heat circulation.
Aluminum Foil and Oven Liners