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49-2000782 Rev. 3 
Oven Cooking Guide
Cook food thoroughly to help protect against food borne illness. Minimum safe food temperature recommendations
for food safety can be found at IsItDoneYet.gov8VHDIRRGWKHUPRPHWHUWRPHDVXUHIRRGWHPSHUDWXUHV
Oven Cookware Guidelines
The material, finish, and size of cookware affect baking
Dark, coated and dull pans absorb heat more readily
readily can result in a browner, crisper, and thicker crust.
If using dark and coated cookware check food earlier
than minimum cook time. If undesirable results are
obtained with this type of cookware consider reducing
Shiny pans can produce more evenly cooked baked
goods such as cakes and cookies.
Glass and ceramic pans heat slowly but retain heat well.
These types of pans work well for dishes such as pies
and custards.
Air insulated pans heat slowly and can reduce bottom
Keep cookware clean to promote even heating.
Stoneware heats slowly and retains heat well. It is
recommended to preheat this type of cookware if
possible. Additional cook time may be required.
Cookware used in broil modes and air fry must be broil-
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