JGB660 JGB735 PGB935

49-2000782 Rev. 3 29
Problem Possible Cause What To Do
My new oven doesn't
cook like my old one.
Is something wrong
with the temperature
Your new oven has a different cooking system
from your old oven and therefore may cook
differently than your old oven.
For the first few uses, follow your recipe times
and temperatures carefully and use rack
positions recommended in the Cooking Guide.
If you still think your new oven is too hot or too
cold, you can adjust the temperature yourself
to meet your specific cooking preference. See
the Settings section.
Food does not bake
Oven controls improperly set. See the Cooking Modes section.
Rack position is incorrect or rack is not level. See the Cooking Modes section and Cooking
Incorrect cookware or cookware of improper
size being used.
See the Cookware section.
Oven temperature needs adjustment. See the Settings section.
Food does not broil
Oven controls improperly set. Make sure you select the appropriate broil
Improper rack position being used. See Cooking Guide for rack location
Cookware not suited for broiling. 8VHDSDQVSHFLILFDOO\GHVLJQHGIRUEURLOLQJ
Aluminum foil on the broil pan has not been
fitted properly or slit to drain grease.
If using aluminum foil on broil pan, wrap tightly
and add slits conforming to those in the pan to
allow grease to drain.
Oven temperature too
hot or too cold
Oven temperature needs adjustment. See the Oven Controls section.
Oven and/or display
appears not to work
A fuse in your home may be blown or the
circuit breaker tripped.
Replace the fuse or reset the circuit breaker.
Oven controls improperly set. 6HHWKH8VLQJWKH2YHQVHFWLRQ
Oven is in Sabbath Mode. 9HULI\WKDWWKHRYHQLVQRWLQ6DEEDWK0RGH
See the Sabbath Mode section.
The clock is turned off. See the Settings section.
“Crackling” or
“popping” sound
This is the sound of the metal heating and
cooling during both the cooking and cleaning
This is normal.
Why is my range
making a "clicking"
noise when using my
Your range has been designed to maintain a
tighter control over your oven's temperature.
You may hear your oven's heating elements
"click" on and off more frequently than in
older ovens to achieve better results during
baking, broiling, and self-clean cycles.
This is normal.
Sometimes the
oven takes longer to
preheat to the same
Cookware, food, and/or number of racks in
Cookware, food, and racks in the oven will
cause differences in preheat times. Remove
excess items to reduce preheat time.
Troubleshooting Tips ... Before you call for service
Save time and money! Review the charts on the following pages first and you may not need to call for service.