Instructions / Assembly

To reduce the risk of tipping the range,
the range must be secured
by a properly installed anti-tip
bracket. See installation instruc-
tions shipped with the bracket
for complete details before
attempting to install.
To check if the bracket is installed and
engaged properly, look underneath
the range to see that the rear leveling leg is engaged in the bracket. On some models, the storage
drawer or kick panel can be removed for easier inspection. If visual inspection is not possible, slide
the range forward, confirm the anti-tip bracket is securely attached to the floor or wall, and slide the
range back so the leveling leg is under the anti-tip bracket. If the range is pulled from the wall for any
reason, always repeat this procedure to verify the range is properly secured by the anti-tip bracket.
Never completely remove the leveling legs or the range will not be secured to the anti-tip bracket.
Check to make sure the circuit breaker is closed (RESET) or the circuit fuses are replaced.
Be sure power is in service to the building.
Check that all packing materials and tape have been removed. This will include tape on metal
panel under control knobs (if applicable), adhesive tape, wire ties, cardboard and protective plastic.
Failure to remove these materials could result in damage to the appliance once the appliance has
been turned on and surfaces have heated.
Check that the door and drawer are parallel to each other and that both operate smoothly. If they
do not, see the Owner’s Manual for proper replacement.
Check to make sure that the rear leveling leg is fully inserted into the Anti-Tip bracket and that the
bracket is securely installed.
Check that the oven control operates properly. If the oven control does not operate properly,
recheck the wiring connections.
Be sure all range controls are in the OFF position before leaving the range.
31-2000683 Rev. 0 01-20 GEA
A child or adult can tip the range and be killed.
Install the anti-tip bracket to the wall or floor.
Engage the range to the anti-tip bracket by sliding the
range back such that the foot is engaged.
Re-engage the anti-tip bracket if the range is moved.
Failure to do so can result in death or serious burns
to children or adults.
Tip-Over Hazard
Never completely
remove the leveling leg as the range will not
be secured to the anti-tip device properly.
A. Plug in the unit.
B. Measure the height of your countertop at the
rear of the opening (X).
C. Adjust two rear leveling legs so that the rear of
cooktop is at the same height or higher than
the counter (Y).
D. Slide unit into place.
E. Install oven shelves in the oven and position
the range where it will be installed.
F. Check for levelness by placing a spirit level on
one of the oven shelves. Take two readings—
with the level placed diagonally first in one
direction and then the other.
G. Adjust front leveling legs until the range is
H. Look under the unit and verify that the rear leg
is fully engaged with the anti-tip device. If not,
remove the unit and adjust the height of the
rear leg so that it is properly engaged.
Spirit level
NOTE: Cooktop must be at or above counter.
0” or Greater