Instructions for Assembly and Use
Industrial Door Control DC 3
ECO - Standard - de Luxe
industrial controls
industrial controls
X 0364.1 05/03
DIP-Switch on the Comfort module
With the DIP-Switches several operating modes can be programmed.
The programming is done by switching the corresponding switch in „ON“ position.
When reaching the desired position, which is signaled by the blinking of the red
LED, the jumper must be turned back in „OFF“ position. The signaling of the desi-
red position will be repeated 4 x. The position shown at last is now programmed.
Switch 1: Display of door position 1x flashing
Traffic light control red/green 2x flashing
Switch 2: Function/ kind of Diode/resistor with free cruise 1x flashing
safety edge Diode/resistor with reverse 2x flashing
Attention ! Opto - elektronic with free cruise 3x flashing
Jumper position on mainboard! Opto - elektronic with reverse 4x flashing
DW-Test with free cruise 5x flashing
DW-Test with reverse 6x flashing
Switch 3: permanent light impuls 3 seconds 1x flashing
255 seconds 2x flashing
Switch 4: Prewarning for door moves immediately 1x flashing
Attention ! door moves delayed 2x flashing
Jumperposition on mainboard! (France)
Switch 5: Automatic closing function Photo beam starts closing time 1x flashing
only Standard & de Luxe Photo beam sets time to 5 sec. 2x flashing
Switch 6: automatic closing time 15 seconds 1x flashing
only Standard & de Luxe 30 seconds 2x flashing
1 minute 3x flashing
2,50 minutes 4x flashing
4,25 minutes 5x flashing
Switch 7: Test photo beam Test outside 1x flashing
only Comfort Test inside/outside 2x flashing
module S 2 Test off 3x flashing
The bold type values are pre-set during manufacturing
In he setting for France the door movement is prewarned by a permanent light impuls for
3 seconds, the traffic light RED flashes 3 seconds. The traffic light control activates during the
door movement to a permanenr RED signal.
only S2

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