industrial controls
industrial controls
Instructions for Assembly and Use
Industrial Door Control
DC 3 de Luxe
Art. 509.3200.40
The door control DC 3 de Luxe is provided for the operation of sectional-, rollers-
hutter-, folding- and swingdoors.
All standard safety elements connectable.
By using the pushbutton elements on the housing there is no need to mount a
triple pushbutton unit inside.
To open or close the door just push the corresponding button of the remote con-
trol rsp. the button on the DC 3 - housing or on the outside push button unit.
If a radio module is installed the door can also be started or stopped via hand-
held transmitter.
The most important characteristics of the DC 3 de Luxe are:
Simple operation, programming and assembly.
Water-protected enclosure (IP65)
Enough space for cabeling
A maximum of safety:
radio control (with Hopping Code) - optional
refering to EU-guidelines for doors and shutters
several safety elements connectable
Description of the Appliance
Appliance according to the regulations
The door control DC 3 Standard is provided for the operation of sectional-, rollershutter-,
folding- and swingdoors.
Security devices
The manufacturer of the complete installation is responsible. He must take care that the
relevant standards and guidelines (e.g. DIN 1986, EN 12050) have to be res-
pected. He must take care that a technical dokumentation of the whole instal-
lation is made available.
The technical dokumentation must be added to the door unit.
This symbol in the manual indicates a possible danger hint, which is described
detailed in this manual.
Installation, operating and use of the unit against this manual or the described technical
specifications causes danger for persons and produces a liability- and obligationsreleas..
National and regional precautions and standars for the installation, as well as safety pre-
cautions of local technical standards have to be respected.
Operation elements
With the pushbuttons elements on the front, the door is operated in impulsresp. dead
manUP or DOWN. If the door operates in impuls mode, it can be stopped anytime with
the STOP button.
For the operation from outside you can use several operation elements like e.g. a triple
push button unit.
A pull switch installed inside or outside controls the door in functions UP-STOP-DOWN.
If a radio modul is installed, the UP movement can be started via radio.
Stopping of the door via radio is always possible.