industrial controls
industrial controls
Instructions for Assembly and Use
Industrial Door Control
Art. 509.3000.40
The door control DC 3 ECO is provided for the operation of sectional-, folding-,
rollershutter- and swingdoors.
All standard safety elements connectable.
By using the pushbutton elements on the housing there is no need to mount a
triple pushbutton unit inside.
To open or close the door just push the corresponding button of the remote con-
trol rsp. the button on the DC 3 - housing or on the outside push button unit.
If a radio- and Comfort module is installed the door can also be started or stopped
via hand-held-transmitter.
The most important characteristics of the DC 3 ECO are:
Simple operation, programming and assembly.
Water-protected enclosure (IP65)
Enough space for cabeling
A maximum of safety:
radio control (with Hopping Code) - optional
refering to EU-guidelines for doors and shutters
several safety elements connectable
Technical Data:
Supply voltage 3 x 400 V AC 50 Hz 15 A
Outputs motor 2 x 3 NO relay contacts,
400 V / 6 A
Wiring 1.5 mm
Operating- -20 ˚C to +60 ˚C
During installation all elements have to be switched tension-free
All installations and service works have to be done by authorized personell only.
The relevant national and local standards and guidelines have to be respected.
Control lamp (optional, only if Comfort module is connected!)
The red LED indicates the most important faults with a flash code:
pre-limit switch defective 1 x flashing
safety edge defective 2 x flashing
limit-switch bottom defective 3 x flashing
safety edge activated 4 x flashing
photo beam defectivet 5 x flashing
resp. light beam interrupted
safety photo beam activated 6 x flashing
safety chain interrupted 7 x flashing
Failure safety photo beam cont. flashing
Function of LED GREEN: LED flashes = door moves DOWN
LED briefly illuminated = door is CLOSED