English Manual for Tablet K81
Dear Customers,
Thank you very much for purchasing our product!
This device is a built-in high performance Wifi receiver module, using broadband wireless
networks, breaking through the restraint of network cables; it will bring you into the
portable media player world and fulfill your entertainment needs. It also supports picture
browsing, e-book reading, games, online chat and other functions; various settings will
fully show your individuality.
To operate this player easily, first, please read this User Manual included with the player.
Then you will have a better understanding of the operations. Before operating this player,
please carefully read all information we provide about the player, so that you will have a
better understanding of the product and its operations.
The Company will not be responsible for any loss of personal data and damage caused by
incorrect operation of the Software/Hardware, artificial damages, replacement of batteries
or any other accident. To avoid loss of your data, please backup your data to your
computer at all times.
Also, since we can not control any dispute from users’ misunderstanding or incorrect
operation against the manual, the Company will not take any relevant responsibility for
any accidental loss potentially occurring in the process of using this manual.
Due to constant product development, the information in this manual is subject to change
without any prior notice.
This manual is protected by copyright and no part is permitted to be copied or reproduced
in any way without prior written permission of the Company.
The Company reserves the final explanation right of this manual, warranty as well as its
related information.
(Note: When compiling this manual, we are very careful to provide you completely reliable
information. However, there is inevitably some error and oversight, please understand,
and we welcome your suggestions. If any problem occurs during your use of this product,
please immediately contact your local seller)
Thanks for your support and please pay attention to our other products
2. Safety Notices
1) Please keep the device away from strong magnetic fields in order to avoid damage to
the product.
2) Please do not let the device fall onto, rub against or knock against hard objects during
use, because this may cause surface scratches on the device, battery damage, data loss
or other damage to the hardware.
3) Never let this product be exposed to a humid environment or rain as the water leaking
into the device could disable it to the extent of being beyond repair.
4) Never clean the device with any chemicals or detergent, these will damage the product
surface and corrode the finish.
5) You are recommended not to use the headset with the volume at its highest settings,
please adjust the volume to an appropriate safe level and limit the amount of time you

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