Owner's Manual

1. Make sure the slicer is turned “OFF”. Make sure Auto Engage Lever is in “MANUAL” position, the
slicer thickness knob should be turned all the way clockwise and the food chute should move freely.
2. Pull the food chute completely toward you and load the food product. Swing end weight into position
to secure food product.
3. If food product is too long, place end weight on top of the food product and use the end weight prongs
to hold the food product in place.
Fig 8-1
Fig 8-2
BEFORE using the slicer in automatic, MAKE SURE that Auto Engage
Lever in the “MANUAL” position
BE ALERT. The next step will cause the
food chute to move automatically and it
can move either direction on start up.
Never attempt to adjust, load or unload
food chute when slicer is in the automatic
4. Auto Engage Lever must be in “MANUAL” position to start
the slicer.
5. Press start button, the power indicator light will illuminate.
The speed indicator light will flash “4” if the start button is
pressed when the Auto Engage Lever is in the automatic
position. Lower the Auto Engage Lever to the “MANUAL”
position and start the unit.
6. To make the food chute move automatically, move Auto
Engage Lever into “AUTOMATIC” position (Fig. 8-1).
- Model GS-12A - To adjust the chute speed press the slower
or faster buttons (Fig 8-2). The slicer defaults to speed 5 when
slicer is unplugged and plugged back in. If slicer is turned off
but not unplugged it will return to the most recent speed used.
NOTE : Chute speed can be adjusted prior to or after auto engagement.